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Essence- End of year Ceramics Exhibition by Students of Northern Beaches TAFE

Students and staff look forward to sharing a year of creativity with each of you. We will not be holding an opening event. The exhibition will be open 10 am to 4 pm each day.


Sol Contardo- The Edge of the World- Opens Nov 4th- Gallery Lane Cove

Australian Ceramics Open Studios Commencing 21st November

Join Makers all over Australia. Visit their studios, meet the makers and view new work.


Several Northern Beaches Ceramics Students have their studios open as part of this nationwide event including Kara Pryor, Fiona Alvarez, Heidi Steller, Jules Irving, Mandie Robertson, Godelieve Mols.

Ros Lowe and Susannah Paterson have their studio open for extra time. Details below

Reshaped- A Graduate Exhibition Opens at ‘The Shop Gallery’- Glebe

Please join 2020 Northern Beaches Advanced Diploma Group from the 2nd to 13th October at “The Shop Gallery” 112 Glebe Point Rd Glebe. 11am- 7Pm Daily.

Burnt Out Opens Sep 30th at the Incinerator Art Space Willoughby.

‘Burnt Out’ an exciting exhibition of Ceramic works by Northern Beaches Ceramics Students and Staff both past and present.

Join Ron Tuck, Dana Lundmark, Jules Irving, Mandie Robertson, Heidi Steller, Warren Hogden, Melissa McElhone

Throwing Workshop with Peter Dwyer- 4 days 28th Sept to 1st October 2020

Join Peter Dwyer for this 4 day intensive workshop.

This introductory wheel-throwing course will utilize foundation skills and techniques to assist the pottery novice begin their journey at the pottery wheel. More advanced throwers are invited to enrol and they will be encouraged to include these skills in their demonstration of more advanced shape creation. Course content will cover: Clay preparation, centering a lump of wedged clay then opening up, pulling up and refinement of the clay shape on the pottery wheel. Discussions of personal design preference will be encouraged. These conversations will assist students relay their design intentions and include particular aesthetic and finishing techniques into their pieces.

Stoneware clay will be used for all throwing pieces. All work created /thrown, will need to be turned and trimmed the following day before additional pieces are thrown. This valuable refinement stage often transforms work into very professional looking pieces. Additional decorating slips and surface mark-making will also add valuable interest at this stage before works are dried for the first firing/ bisque.

Students will need their own throwing and turning tools. All clay may be purchased from the Northern Beaches TAFE Ceramics department


Peter Spring School Poster A3

Enrolment link to Peter’s 4 day workshop HERE




Northern Beaches Ceramics Courses for Term 3 -2020 now online and open for enrolment.

Hullo everyone

I hope that all of you have adapted to the changes to our lives and managed to stay healthy and happy. Many of our courses are starting to appear online for enrolment and this is fantastic to see.

Before enrolling for term 3 everyone should be aware that there are changes to what we offer and also to the layout within the Ceramics facility at Northern Beaches as a whole. The majority of the changes are driven by the number one priority which is keeping everyone healthy. Technical assistants Sarah and Warren and Arts & Ceramics Head teacher Tony Macdonald have worked incredibly hard and they have each done a wonderful job of setting everything in place so that we can commence teaching again in term 3. A huge personal thank you to each of you for making this happen.

 Points of note and answers to some FAQ

  • To facilitate social distancing Class numbers during the day have been reduced from 16 and are limited to 12 people. This is essential otherwise we would not be re-opening.
  • There will not be a second studio day for intermediate during the day. The extra day has always been a bonus and the difference in cost between a basic skills and an intermediate skills is governed by greater hours with a teacher not the additional studio day. Time with a teacher-4 hpw for basic skills. 6 hpw for Intermediate skills.
  • Some classes will not be offered in term 3 or 4 to help us reduce numbers and create a safer environment for those who are attending.
  • Everything that remained within the dept to be fired has been fired.  Work can be found on the usual shelves in the kiln room.
  • The term is still 8 weeks long
  • Teaching rooms and available workspaces have been completely re- shuffled to facilitate social distancing requirements
  • Every course that we offer is subject to a risk assessment being approved.

Hopefully the points above will help to answer some of the questions that you may have however please make contact if I can provide any additional info.

Links to enrol in our courses on the TAFE NSW website

  • Foundation Basic skills and techniques- HERE Tuesday day is not showing yet hopefully in the next few days. Wednesday will not be offered in term 3 or 4
  • Foundation Intermediate skills and techniques HERE
  • Open Studio 1 day HERE
  • Open Studio Advanced 2 day HERE

We are so looking forward to seeing everyone in the Ceramics Dept at Northern Beaches from 20th July

Dana Lundmark- Featured at Manly Art Gallery and Museum- Celebrating the 1950s

Manly Art Gallery and Museum is Open. Tuesday to Sunday 10am to 3 pm

Manly Dana 2020

Manly art gallery and museum link

manly_gallery_A5Manly_gallery_A5 PDFManly Art Gallery and Museum link

Diploma of Ceramics Course under threat within TAFE NSW- Please Act Now

Hello Ceramic Community

You may have seen the message below from The Australian Ceramics Association (TACA) already today on social media or as a member of TACA outlining the threat to a Stand alone Ceramics Diploma courses within TAFE.

If you have previously completed a Diploma of Ceramics within any TAFE college or taught within the system we strongly encourage you to  show your support for our  Diploma of Ceramics course now. Please compose a letter and provide feedback to PWC by the end of the week stating you do not endorse the collapsing of the Diploma of Ceramics  and why.

In your communication please state how important the course has been for you as a graduate and what you are currently doing in the industry as a result of your skills and knowledge learnt from the 20 units studied over the two years.

If you are a current enrolled student please state why you selected this course to study and the quality and in-depth learning thus far.

On behalf of all of the Teachers, students and future students of Ceramics courses in Australia and those currently studying at Northern Beaches TAFE It’s important that we act now so that our collective voice is heard.

Message from TACA our Industry Body below



It is has come to the attention of TACA that Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC) was commissioned in December 2019 to conduct a survey into National Training Packages in the Visual Arts, Crafts and Design. As key industry stakeholders TACA, through its members, has always strongly advocated for specialist, nationally-accredited qualifications in ceramics.

PWC and TAFENSW are seeking industry feedback on the Diploma in Ceramics (CUA 51215). It is crucial that PWC and TAFENSW are aware of the depth and breadth of studio practice and the importance of quality specialist education in the vocational sector.

TAFENSW is proposing that the Diploma in Ceramics no longer be offered, with ceramics only being offered as an elective within the Visual Arts Diploma. 

Now, more than ever, it is crucial for all of us in the cultural sector to be visible and speak up. If you would like to provide feedback to this proposal, please do so by raising awareness of how Diploma in Ceramics has benefited your practice and the importance of maintaining the opportunity for future practitioners.

In the next day or two, please provide your feedback in one email, addressed to all 4 email addresses below (please put them together in one email) to: 

  • James Gelden (PWC),
  • Tony McDonald (TAFENSW),
  • Felicity Hibble (TAFENSW),
  • TACA,

ALTERNATIVELY, copy and paste these email addresses into your address bar:,,,
Subject line: Re: Diploma in Ceramics (CUA 51215) consultation

Many thanks for your support.












A FRESH PERSPECTIVE Opens ‘Online’ Kerrie Lowe Gallery Newtown April 3

a fresh perspective 2020

a fresh p v 2 2020

In accordance with Government guidelines we have temporarily closed the gallery.
At time of sending we are still able to sell pottery supplies by appointment, admitting only one person at a time. Contact us on 0431 390 880 to make arrangements.
This may be subject to change.
Our annual Graduate Exhibition of ceramics by students from Universities and TAFE Colleges commences on 3 April and continues to 9 May.
While we are unable to have an opening event we will endeavor to show the range of work on the homepage of our website and on Instagram. | insta: @kerrielowegallery

e: | t: 0431 390 880