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The Raffle Has Been Drawn.

December 6, 2012

The Winners are.

  1. Mark Daniels -Walters Auers- Bear
  2. Jenny Wiggins- Walters Auers- Pooh Bear
  3. Rose Corso-Malcolm Greenwoods- shino vase
  4. Nivana-Bruce McWhinney- sculpture
  5. Noonan-Sam Perks- sculpture
  6. Corrie Kelly- Chris James-Large Jar
  7. Kevin Cullen- Barry Blight- Bowl
  8. Melinda Iculano-Barry Blight-Plate
  9. Mr R Paradyz-Chris James-Med Jar
  10. Vincent Salomon-Sue buckle- Bowl

On behalf of all the students and staff I would like to thank Kara Pryor for completing the most outstanding job. Every task approached with energy, enthusiasm and  great humour. What a great thing to do, you are a Gem!

Thank you to all the staff who donated work.

I would also like to thank each and every person who hit the office corridoors or streets and sold tickets. It has been a fantastic way to  raise awareness of Ceramics and the issues around funding for Fine Arts. An additional benefit is that visitors to the  exhibition have increased over past years.

Top 3 book sellers receive a Jeff Mincham book donated by Keane Ceramics.

  1. Rebecca Breadman
  2. Betianna Delrio
  3. John Curnoe

Approx $4,400.00 has been raised and placed into the College Ceramics account. A great total for one month of selling.

Kara Picking the golden ticket.

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