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Oil Spot Glaze technique. Carleen Devine

December 23, 2013

Oil spot Temmoku glazes have always possessed a great deal of mystery for me. The oil spot family has many variations in the nature of the spots and background colour. Some recipes produce silver spots on a black background while others will produce brown spots on black. Some have large spots and others small. Most of us associate Temmoku glazes with reduction firings in a gas kiln. Oilspots are easily achieved in an electric kiln at stoneware.

In 2012 Diploma student Carleen Devine focussed on this elusive Chinese glaze with a view to exploring the variables involved with great success. Carleen trialled several published formulas to look for patterns in their chemistry. She then created her own formula from scratch using  the Unity Formula process and the glaze calculation software MATRIX . Along the way Carleen discovered that there is much more to an oilspot than the recipe alone. In 2013 Carleen pushed her recipes further by focussing on application and firing techniques. Some stunning results emerged.

Carleen has generously shared some of her experiences and recipes in the PDF attached. Revealing Oil Spots 13Nov12

To wet your appetite I have gathered together a small collection of historical examples.

60_81_5_O3_sf 240193 7637814_9_l 84200297_p 84200301_p 84200302_p a_black-glazed_oil_spot_bowl_song_jin_dynasty_12th_century_d5733684h Oil_Spot_Bowls_003 Oil_Spot_Bowls_007

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  1. Paul and Elizabeth permalink

    Thanks Chris and Carlene, very good on both of you for sharing your knowledge!! Liz

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