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Cameron Williams -Wheel forming Workshop

March 20, 2014

Northern Beaches Ceramics is hosting an intensive 4 day wheel forming workshop with master potter Cameron Williams.

Cameron 1Cameron Williams potsCameron

We have all been captured by Cameron’s ability to create large forms at the wheel. Here is your chance to develop your throwing ability beyond your current skill level. Refine your techniques and increase the scale of your forms while drawing on Cameron’s 30 years of experience as a production potter. Cameron will be team teaching with a fellow thrower Neil from the south coast of NSW to make sure each participant receives plenty of support over the 4 days.

The workshop is open to all level of throwers from beginner to advanced.

April 14 to 17 -2014 –This is the first week of the TAFE Holidays so participants will have the whole ceramics section to themselves.

Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm

Cost $420.00

Limited to 15 people

Contact Chris James to enrol.

What did the participants of the April 2014 workshop have to say?

Here is a sample from the 15 people that attended.

“By the time I got home each day i was crashed out on lounge in my apron and covered in clay … but very happy. My hands feel amazing. I couldnt wait to get back in to class each day to learn more. Neil and Cameron were great. They made sure they got around the room to give personal attention to everyone.”

Sue L

“You’re right about people loving the workshop.  I loved it.  I saw Cameron throw a couple of years ago and I was absolutely determined to do this workshop.  I realised before we started that I had HUGE expectations, and I worried that it couldn’t possibly live up to them.  But it did.  It was so exciting that I felt on a high – possibilities everywhere!   Platters, vases, huge things made of clay all entered the realm of the achievable. Now I feel equipped with a whole sheaf of new skills that will be the building blocks for throwing what I want to throw.  It was interesting that though the lumps of clay were bigger than I’d normally handle, I came away with fewer aches and pains than when I throw smaller.  I attribute that to the new seating position they showed us (high and fixed) and the techniques we learned.”  

“They’re a pretty fine duo, Cameron and Neil.  Each quite different in their teaching skills but completely complementary.  There was no “but he said to do it this way and now you’re telling me another way”.  They were patient and generous, and their (literally) hands on approach was exactly what I felt I needed. Having them sit next to me and watch, and correct where I put my fingers, elbows, wrists, ribs – that was great.  Neil had the patience of a saint.  He was prepared to go over something three or four times until it sunk in.”  

Pamela P

“Yes, Cameron is an amazingly intuitive thrower & Neil is a wonderfully patient guide (I don’t think I would have ended up with anything to keep if it hadn’t been for Neil’s help!).

 For me as a beginner thrower it was great to not worry about how much clay I was wasting & learn some techniques that will really help me with next term’s wheel-forming classes. It was inspiring to see the work being produced by the other students & see what can be achieved. Loved the demo yesterday of the blossom jar with the external decoration using found objects – all executed so quickly & confidently!”

Carson M

“On Day 1 of the Workshop,  I,  as a raw beginner couldn’t throw anything, and the prospect of making a sticky ball of clay stick to a spinning wheel didn’t sound like my kind of activity or a likely personal potential skill. By the end of Day 4, with the clear demonstrations, their patient and calm approach and one-on-one tuition, and plenty of relaxed time to practice I can throw a bowl AND I now have the confidence to continue the pursuit and build on the skill tools and techniques these two extremely likeable, knowledgeable, generous teachers, gave with generosity. The bonus came from the enjoyment of socializing with Cameron and Neil and the other participants in our lunch breaks. It’s great fun learning to make stuff in this kind of environment, better and more satisfying than a holiday.”

Joy R

I really like Cameron’s 3-4 step processes for the making of the various types of objects.  Was great to be able to video the demos. 

Bernie O

I was very much in two minds as to wether I should enrol in the workshop or not as I had never thrown a pot in my life!!  But both Cameron and Neil were so encouraging and expert in their guidance I came on in leaps and bounds and enjoyed the whole experience immensely. Throwing (no pun intended!!) myself in at the deep end and enjoying everyone’s encouragement was a very memorable and positive experience. I’m already looking forward to the next workshop!

Sarah W

Cameron with one of His demonstrations below.

Thrown from one piece of clay and textured using found objects. Photo Carson Mcfarlane

Thrown from one piece of clay and textured using found objects. Photo Carson Mcfarlane

The next workshop with Cameron and Neil is planned for April 2015. There has been talk of another one sooner.

Contact Chris James to register your interest

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