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Nothing last forever

June 1, 2014

This blog post by Steve Harrison of Hot and Sticky Kiln co offers some insight into bricks and home made kiln shelves. Some great images of the inside of one of Steve and Janines early kiln packs. Home made kil shelves and props displayed in all their glory.

Tonight my Fingers Smell of Garlic

Nothing lasts forever.
We wake up on the first day of winter to a foggy, wet, drizzly morning. I’m glad that it’s rained finally, the garden needs it. It’s been a month without rain now. We have been enjoying the prolonged Indian Summer of warm balmy days, but nothing lasts for ever. How true that is, is suddenly made very apparent when the front firebrick in the kitchen stove spalls into several pieces that fall into the fire box. It’s not a catastrophy as It’s happened before, nothing lasts forever. I know that. 
I recently wrote a piece telling how this old stove has lasted us for close to 40 years and we bought it second hand even then. I shouldn’t have shot my mouth off!  Suddenly I’m up for a repair job again. I say again, because the original fire brick only lasted a few years and I had…

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