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Only For The Birds-Opening at Mu Gallery October 11

September 27, 2014

Only for the birds

In conjunction with Headland Park Artists’ “Bird Art in the Park” & “Taronga Zoo Bird Festival” Mu Gallery presents “Only for the Birds” featuring birds and ceramics by three Australian ceramists Shannon Garson, Niharika Hukku and Barbi Lock Lee.
Niharika Hukku

This work is an expression of what the artist finds elegant and beautiful in her world. Inspired by her observations in nature; in capturing colour and narrative with purpose onto clay. Each piece is wheel formed and hand painted individually by the artist.

Ceramics has an ancient history in India where Niharika was born and raised. A country where ceramics are commonly used in function, and as art. Niharika’s earliest memory of ceramics being the ‘Kulhars’ (unglazed earthenware tumblers) used to drink sweet tea at train stations.

Niharika left India 11 years ago to pursue her career as an illustrator. In her travels, Niharika has studied with ceramic artists in Indonesia and Singapore and worked along side many potters at the WPA, New Zealand. Niharika lives in Sydney, Australia.

Shannon Garson

Shannon Garson is an Australian ceramic artist specialising in thrown, decorated porcelain. Shannon’s latest exhibition work articulates landscape using domestic pots as vessels for drawings about the strange beauty and wonder to be found in the marginalized eco-­‐systems of the littoral zone. Images, bird-­‐footprints, tiny flowers completely covered in white hairs, the myriad detail of the landscape has been collected into marks. A visual language mapping the experience of being in the landscape, creating a dialogue between domestic life and nature.

These pieces required multiple firings with layers and layers of drawings and surface on top of one another.

Shannon Garson is the President of The Australian Ceramics Association. Shannon’s studio is based in a small rural town in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast.

Barbi Lock Lee

Barbi Lock Lee’s designs are mostly inspired by the richness of colour and the diversity of Australian birdlife. Barbi chooses to work with white earthenware clay in combination with coloured underglazes as this gives her the wide palette that she needs.

Barbi spends her life making objects from clay for several reasons. One is that she really enjoys the nature of the material. It is seemingly lifeless yet has infinite possibilities. Barbi likes the idea of beginning with a lump of clay and transforming it into something such as a cheerful little jug or bowl that might become part of someone’s daily breakfast ritual. Creating ceramics that can be used to present food is important to Barbi and she considers this when she is designing forms and selecting colours. Barbi imagines and hopes that the user will also colour co-­‐ordinate the food they create with the colours present in their pot.

Barbi is based in Sydney, Australia. However, her husband’s work on ships takes her to Seattle every year for lengthy periods where Barbi enjoys sharing Ginny Conrow’s porcelain studio in Seattle.


mu ceramics studio gallery the gardener’s cottage headland park artist precinct (cnr best ave & middle head rd, veer left to enter carpark opposite frenchys cafe) 8/1100a middle head rd mosman nsw 2088
contact studio (02) 9960 1777
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