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The 2015 Sydney Tea Pot Show Award Winners Announced- Inner City Clayworkers Glebe

August 2, 2015

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The Sydney Teapot show has a 27 year history as a major event on the potters calendar. Entries come from both local and international ceramists, each artist can submit up to 3 teapots in one of the categories with the chance of several sponsored awards. The categories change each year however the attraction and challenge of the Tea Pot remain. The exhibition runs until the 30th of August

Walkers Ceramics Award: Best In Show

Leilani Trinka- Singapore

This award of $1000 is open to any Teapot in any style. The sponsor of the award David Walker of Walker ceramics was unable to make it to the show so I judged the award in his absence. I was captured by these pots as soon as I entered the gallery. Over the next hour while viewing each entry in the show I was drawn back to Leilani’s 3 pieces time and time again. There are clear links to watering cans and man made industrial steel however these are combined with pillow like surfaces. Multiple elements impressed me, attention to detail, a playful approach to making and a fresh treatment of the clay. Created from fine porcelain slabs each of Leilani’s pieces are quite small. The 3 teapots are approximately 15cm however they have an impact that eclipses their scale. On close inspection each element such as lid, spout and handle have been fashioned and assembled with incredible dexterity and technical expertise.

For a greater insight into Leilani Trinkas work visit her website

Comber Trinka No. 1, 2 and 3


The Australian Ceramics Association award: the Luddite Teapot- Functional Teapot award

Natalie Pastro

A former student of Northern Beaches Ceramics Natalie has been developing her blue and white surfaces for several years. A teapot that pours well is a great challenge for potters. I looked on as the judge of this award Vicki Grima from TACA tested each of the entries in the functional category one by one to test drips, balance and a range of other technical considerations that create the whole package for a day to day functional teapot. Natalie’s ticked the boxes.

Natalie Pastro 1



Koala Tea Company Award : The Organic Teapot (sunflowers) Tanya Bechara

The detail in Tanya’s entry is something to see. Yes that is a clay bee with tiny little wire legs, patience and commitment! This pot made everyone smile.

Tanya detail Tanya Teapot



Comber Consultants Award: The Stratified Teapot Keith Yeo

Keith has several Tea pots in the show and each of the three demonstrate his mastery of the material.


Keith Yeo



Gleebooks Award: The Shire teapot

(Hobbit House with Smug) Sunnee Scharrer

Shire Sunnee Scharrer No.1



The Blackwattle clays -Pottery Paperclay Award: The Macro teapot

(The Mighty Termite-tea) Ursula Burgoyne

Ursula’s entry “Termite Tea”  has all the energy of plastic clay, the textures have been created from a piece of wood hand sculpted by our tiny insect friends and then impressed into the clay. The kiln was then fired using termited wood fence palings. The full experience.

Ursula won two awards and a third should be given for the most appropriate clothing. Take a close look at that cardigan “fantastic”.

Ursula with termite Tea in the background



Keane Ceramics Award: The Doctor’s Teapot

(Airy Teapot) Ursula Burgoyne

The theme for this award from Keane Ceramics “The Doctors Teapot” is inspired by the ‘Doctor Who’ series. Ursula’s piece aligns well with the title as it appears to be from another time or dimension. Some very creative coil work has been employed to create a pot that might brew a tea from something other than water.






Both Roy Chandra and Kara Pryor from Northern Beaches Ceramics entered teapots in several categories. Congratulations to you both.

Roy Chandra

Kara Pryor



Membership– The Inner City Clay Workers has a 33 year history. Located in Glebe the gallery is currently run by 10 members however membership can be as high as 16. Each member has work on permanent display in the gallery and work in a Cooperative fashion to run the gallery on a day to day basis. There is also an associate membership option for those who would like to exhibit in the gallery but cannot man the space.

If you are making work of a professional standard and would like to be a part of the Inner City Clay Workers I would encourage you to apply for membership.  It’s a great experience. Applications are available via the gallery.

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