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Two Porcelain exhibitions open at Kerrie Lowe Gallery Newtown for September

September 17, 2015


FROM THE LANDSCAPE:  Cathy Franzi and Neville French

STILLNESS:  Hilary Jones and Jane Robertson

Date:  6 – 8 pm Friday 18 September

To be opened by Merran Esson, Head of Ceramics,  National Art School

Exhibition continues  to 6 October 2015

Neville French  The Willandra dry lakes region in southern NSW is a World Heritage site of enormous significance. At Lake Mungo the land has been sculpted by climatic changes spanning millennia and the vast basin, silent spaces and ephemeral effects of light, weather and time inspire my current work.

Cathy Franzi  Drawings of Australian flora on ceramic vessels can communicate ideas about the current environment. The joy of being in nature gives me a passion for making, finding ways to express the character of each unique plant as well as the diversity and fragility of the environments they inhabit.

Hilary Jones  The meditative process of throwing on a wheel combined with the tactile, smooth qualities of porcelain and delicate soft glazes gives me great pleasure. As a maker it is my hope that my pieces are used and enjoyed.

Jane Robertson  The Shades of Pale series has been influenced by reflections of light on the water of a creek that flows through the tall grasses of my home in the Adelaide Hills. The sunny days of winter with the rings and ripples and droplets of water have influenced my shapes and the watery winter world has led me to add blue tones to my work. My exploration of textures and tones has culminated in the joy of transformation when opening the kiln door.

Kerrie Lowe and Elisabeth Johnson
Kerrie Lowe Gallery
49 – 51 King St, Newtown 2042
Phone – 9550 4433 / Fax – 9550 1996
Web – <>
Mon-Sat 10am – 5.30 pm / Thurs till 7

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