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Glaze formulation and technology course with Paul Davis Commences Friday 28th April 2017

August 12, 2016


Glaze testing is something most potters place second to actually making the work. It’s such an essential part of the finished piece. Here is a chance to spend 6 weeks placing the glazes first.

Join Master potter Paul Davis for this intensive glaze research course each Friday for 6 weeks.

Anyone who has participated in one of Paul’s classes or workshops is immediately inspired by his passion for every aspect of the process employed to create objects in clay. A master thrower, hand builder, decorator, glaze  technician and story teller. Paul is a generous teacher with something to offer everyone and he is joining us at Northern Beaches Ceramics for 6 Fridays of intensive glaze testing from April 28th to June 2nd 2017.

Glazed pottery

Plate- Ash glaze- Brushwork- Stoneware oxidation

Paul brings a unique approach to his studio practice with extensive workshop experience in both Australia and Japan. He has amalgamated skills from East and West and adapted Japanese traditional tools and glazes to Western styles of working with clay.

Paul is an elected member of the International Academy of Ceramics, past Director of Sturt Pottery and former lecturer at Monash University and College of Arts, University of NSW.  In 1997 he was awarded a Japan Foundation Scholarship to study with 12th generation Hagi potter, Saka Korazaemon where he deepened his understanding of Japanese forming techniques, glazes and approaches to firing.



More recently, he has established a studio- workshop in a large industrial building located in Newcastle, NSW.  Paul exhibits and lectures regularly in Australia and overseas, and has undertaken a number of major tableware commissions including  Bennelong Restaurant, Opera House, Sydney in 2015.

Paul d

We are fortunate to have Paul taking time away from a busy production schedule to share his wealth of experience in the area of glaze development and glaze techniques.

Paul davis maple leaf bowl

The Ceramics TAFE Plus Statement in Glaze Formulation is a new course that is suitable for students with some prior ceramic experience. In this 6 week course students will learn the foundations of ceramic glaze technology in a supportive and professional environment. Learn how glazes work, how to modify and test, how to skillfully use different types of glazes. Participants will refine glaze development skills through a process of experimentation and practice.

When-28th April to 2nd June 2017 – Classes held on Friday between 9:00 AM and 2:30 PM

Duration-6 weeks, 5.5 hours per week

Fee– $495.00

Enrol now- Enrol Here

Students should have some prior Ceramics experience before starting this course.

For more information contact Christopher James T: 99415290 -Mon to Thurs


What will I need to bring for the workshop.

Apron, Folder and writing paper, Pen, Permanent marker, 7 transparent party cups, little lidded containers (chinese take away ), Dust mask, Disposable rubber gloves. Ceramic pencils.

Ceramic pencils and 60 ml syringes are available from purchase from the ceramics dept.

lunch, Mug, tea coffee

Bisque test tiles, approx 150

Frequently asked questions

What temperature will we fire our tests to?

  • Make the tiles from stoneware clay capable of firing to Cone 10 or 1285c
  • Paul will fire in both oxidation and reduction atmospheres at cone 6 and cone 10

Do we make pots during this course?

  • No this course is focused solely on understanding glazes and testing.

What sort of tiles do I need and how many?

  • Paul likes to use little 5cm tall tiles shaped like Christmas trees. Some potters call these mice.  150 should be plenty. It should take 30 minutes of your time. Tiles must be Bisque.
  • Make the tiles from stoneware clay capable of firing to Cone 10 or 1285c
  • If you don’t have access to a kiln to bisque your tiles or need a demonstration of how to make them please contact me via the contact form below or my email.


What clay should I use for my tests?

  • Our two main clays at Northern Beaches Ceramics are Keane no 7 and Ironstone. These are both stoneware clays and provide information on how glazes behave over both a low and a high iron clay. However participants in the workshop may prefer to use another clay. If so that clay must be stoneware and capable of firing to Cone 10 or 1285c. We don’t fire white earthenware ‘hobby ceramic’ bodies within our kilns.


Are there any additional charges.

  • Firing and most materials used in glazes are included in your enrolment fee. We do charge for some of the more expensive materials such as Tin, frits, lithium, cobalt, stains etc.

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