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Making test tiles- Christmas tree style

August 12, 2016


  • There are many test tile options available. One option is to use 5cm tall tiles shaped like Christmas trees. Some potters call these mice.  150 should be plenty. It should take 30 minutes to an hour of your time. Tiles must be Bisque.
  • Make the tiles from stoneware clay capable of firing to Cone 10 or 1285c
  • Roll out a coil about the thickness of your thumb.
  • Break off a section approximately 3 cm long.
  • Using both hands and your thumbs pointing toward each other press the coil down onto the table to make a base.
  • Move up the coil and pinch again and then again until you have three levels
  • Mark the tile with your stamp
  • Do 75 white clay tiles and 75 red clay tiles
  • Bisque fire the tiles to 1000c or cone 06


What clay should I use for my tests?

  • Our two main clays at Northern Beaches Ceramics are Keane no 7 and Ironstone. These are both stoneware clays and provide information on how glazes behave over both a low and a high iron clay. However participants in the workshop may prefer to use other clays. If so that clay must be stoneware and capable of firing to Cone 10 or 1285c.

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