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Form Surface Structure has just over week left at Kerrie Lowe gallery Newtown.

October 30, 2016

This group exhibition features several Northern Beaches Ceramics students both past and present. Tony Schlosser, Gorgi Armen, Christine MacKinnon, Michelle Perrett, Maggie Paradysz, Jenny Wiggins. This is such a diverse exhibition. Visit in the last week to catch it before it closes.


A large group exhibition celebrating the amazing diversity of Australian ceramics:
Kay Alliband, Gorgi Armen, Bankstown Koori Elders, Lee Bethel, Jenni Bourke, Dianne Brock, Bill Burton, Joy Bye, Douglas Cham, Helen Earl, Izette Felthun, Ann Ferguson, Joy Georgeson, Phil Greed,
Nelson Grice, Robin Gurr, Mojgan Habibi, Bev Hogg, Jan Howlin,
Mahala Hill, Carol Hudson, Odette Ireland, Freya Jobbins,
Suvira McDonald, Christine MacKinnon, Madeleine Meyer,
Gaspare Moscone, NOT, Maggie Paradysz, Julie Pennington, Michelle Perrett, Maxine Price, Janice Raynor, Clarissa Regan, Susan Robey, Jason Ryan, Tony Schlosser, Rainer Schluter, Amanda Shelsher, David Solomon, Petra Svoboda, Graham Toomey, Alison Tucker,
Sally Walk, Toni Warburton, Cath Weiszmann, Katherine Wheeler,
Jenny Wiggins, Michael Williamson, Blossom Young

Exhibition continues to 8 November 2016

Kerrie Lowe gallery
49 – 51 King Street, Newtown NSW 2042
(Sydney University end of King St)
t:   9550 4433
Mon – Sat 10am – 5.30pm  |  Thurs until 7pm

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