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The wonderful work of Michelle Perrett is currently showcased at Myer Warringah Mall

April 25, 2017

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Many of you may be aware of the Flagship new Myer store which opened late last year at Warringah Mall Brookvale NSW. The new direction for the store comes with a fresh approach to product and display with the integration of  local artists work within the store.

Myer plan to showcase the creativity of the local area integrating the work of Open Studio Advanced students from Northern Beaches Ceramics. The the first two makers from Northern Beaches to be showcased into 2017 have been Maggie Paradysz and Pamela Pudan. The relationship between Myer and Northern Beaches Ceramics is ongoing, students are pinpointed by Store manager Alexis Pead to develop and submit a body of work for display periods that coincide with the change of season.

I’m really excited to announce that Michelle Perrrett has her wonderful pieces on display within the New Myer. Michelle has created a range of forms which include several of her female torsos, her captivating ceramic mirrors and large vases. Somehow Michelle’s work manages to bridge time. The 20 pieces on display are evocative of a different time and space, this quality is reflected most strongly in the mirrors and the female figures.


Please take the time to visit the store and search out Michelle’s pieces, you will find them for sale, integrated within the display in cabinets or on the walls on the ground level.


“Making these figures I was influenced by female archetypes and renaissance portraiture. Florentine portraits of women represented women of the time with extravagant jewelry and costumes to convey cultural meaning.”

Mirrors  Michelle Perrett

“The mirrors are made entirely of clay. They are hand carved and modeled in one piece. The surface treatment used is a glossy silver glaze for the convex mirror and blue dry glazes for the frame area. They are designed to hang on the wall as a normal mirror would.


My first series of small mirrors were inspired by a calming lake in Lennox Head, (Lake Ainsworth) that I used to swim in with my children. The Lake has no access to the sea so is very still and reflective. The water in the lake is black or cola coloured from the surrounding tea-trees and is nicknamed the ‘Coca-Cola’ Lake. These smaller mirrors had a dark reflective glaze that was inspired by the lake and the history of mirrors.


The convex mirror shapes reflect a miniaturized image of the surrounding space. The ornamental medieval, renaissance and baroque frames allude to transitions of time. Figurative images on the frames are characters and stories found in late medieval and renaissance imagery or paintings where dark convex mirrors symbolize ideas about morality and identity. Many cultures invented their own potable mirrors in polished obsidian and metal.


In legend looking into a mirror was not a means of identifying the corporeal self but a spiritual condition. Paintings showing mirrors with skulls kept the subject in the frame of death and human destiny. The symbol of the mirror in myths of Snow White and Narcissus are linked with madness and excess. Later, Freud’s ‘mirror-stage’ analyses identity and the significance of reflection of the body in metal development highlighting that we don’t see ourselves unless reflected.

Lewis Carroll’s Alice steps through the mirror into an alternate world. The magic mirror in Beauty and the Beast allows cinematic-like transformations to the other side of the mirror. The image in the mirror doubles the sense of self and is described by neuroscientists as a moment of disembodiment that tests the resilience of self-perception and sense of self.”



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  1. Jennifer permalink

    I really appreciate this background regarding Michelle’s extraordinary mirrors. I didn’t realise that she had so many pieces in Myer! I’ll have to go on a treasure hunt to find them all. Class excursion led by the artist?

  2. dorothea permalink

    Stunning pieces of work. Had spotted Michelle’s photos of her previous works featured in the glass cabinets…. Absolutely stunning !


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