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Malcolm Greenwood- One day guest lecture- Workshop techniques and tips from a full time potter. Saturday August 25

July 13, 2018

Malcolm Greenwood has been a full time professional potter since 1989. His work can be found in many Australian restaurants, including Southern Ocean Lodge, Longitude 131, Capella Lodge, Park Hyatt Hotel, The Bentley Restaurant and Bar, Monopole, Yellow, Masuya Group, Single Origin Roasters, Patricia’s Coffee Brewers, Aqua Dining, Ormeggio, Bennelong, Bathers Pavilion, Nomad, Firedoor, Rengaya and Artemis (Singapore)


Malcolm Greenwood’s work has been featured in many of Australia’s leading design and style magazines, food magazines and in the books of several of Australia’s leading chefs.

A potter does not have his work gracing the tables of so many restaurants and magazine pages without reliable polished making techniques and practical production methodology. I’ve known Malcolm for many years and I’ve come to see Malcolm as a maker who blends a Japanese aesthetic with functional contemporary design. Years of experience help Malcolm select the most efficient production techniques to suit the brief. All of this from an urban Home studio in Sydney.

Malcolm Greenwood regularly conducts workshops/demonstrations providing participants the opportunity to learn and absorb some of the skills and experience he has gained during his 37 years as a potter. Malcolm’s training began with a period of study with  Japanese master potter Makoto Yabe. This experience has set sound foundations for his current production. Malcolm makes his living entirely from selling his work and hosting short workshops.

Malcolm will share, some of the techniques he utilizes to make pots, such as throwing off the hump without water and making slab rollers obsolete. He will also cover the blending of his production tableware with the creation of his exhibition work.

Malcom will also share some of the experience he has gained marketing and making a living from his work over the last 20 years.

If you are looking for some insight into the life of a successful production potter combined with workshop tips and techniques  Then this workshop is for you.

Please join us for a day of inspiration.

Location- Ceramics Department- C Block Northern beaches TAFE Brookvale

Date- Saturday 25/8/18

Time- 9am to 1pm

Cost- $25 payable on the day

Registration- All welcome, please email via the contact form below.

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