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Claire Locker Summer School 17th to 20th January 2017

Immerse yourself in this 4 day hand forming workshop with Claire Locker. Participants will engage in a broad range of skill development exercises such as soft slab construction, surface treatment and design. Claire’ work is energetic, bright and vibrant and she has a unique approach to construction where she includes the decoration in the slabs prior to the process of construction.

For those looking for new ways to construct and include colour in their work this is a great workshop opportunity.


Claire Locker has over 30 years experience as a practicing ceramicist and has taught in TAFE colleges in Sydney, Mudgee and Newcastle.

  • When- 17th to 20th January 2017
  • What time- 9am to 4 pm
  • Where- Ceramics dept- C Block, 154 Old Pittwater Rd Brookvale NSW
  • What is the cost- $420
  • Where do I enrol- Enrol Online HERE
  • Will materials be included- Clay can be purchased at $17 per bag




Agenda for Northern Beaches Ceramics Summer school with Claire Locker.

From Claire Locker-Potter

Day 1.

  • Give a short talk on my experience as a potter and show examples of my work.
  • Talk about colouring slips and preparing underglazes for slip decorating
  • demonstrate a “decorated soft slab teapot”, after a lunch break the students will make their own teapot, using a simple colourful painted slab

Day 2.

  • Bowls, mugs, cream and sugar day today
  • Slabs will be made with a more complex design, two slabs with different decorations on each will be cut, pasted then rolled as one.

Day 3.

  • A little more adventurous today
  • Throwing cutting, altering then adding coloured slabs in layers forming into tall sculptural forms
  • I’m sure this will take at least a day to perfect, some students will want to extend this technique a lot further it is a very interesting and adventurous way of working.

Day 4.

  • Look at textures!!!! Using the methods we have worked through in the past days- adding textured clay in place of coloured surfaces!!!
  • Slab plates with the addition of a thrown rim

Claire Locker Potter CV


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