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Artist in residence

Each year one artists residency is awarded to a student of Diploma level or higher. The recipient is offered 4 day per week access to the facility at no charge and makes two series of work. Mentoring from staff is always at hand to support the development of both series of work. The recipient has their own storage space within the facility and is encouraged to work amongst the existing classes. Responsibility for firing work is encouraged and assisted by staff. The residency is offered as a stepping stone; placed between the learning environment of a ceramics course and private practice. The goal is to provide ceramic artists with real world commercial experience and support as they make the transition into private practice.

Series 1

  • 100 corporate gifts created for Northern Sydney Institute. The gifts travel across the globe.

Series 2

  • A body of work suitable for exhibition.

The award is fully funded by Northern Sydney Institute.

Past recipients.

  • Samantha Perks 2008
  • Hilary Jones 2009
  • Louisa hart 2010
  • Tricia Dwyer 2011
  • Margaret Armstrong 2012

Margaret Armstrong 2012

 In 2011 I decided to apply for the Artist in residence Award. The submission included my ideas for both the range of corporate gifts and my own body of exhibition work. Early in 2012 I submitted a series of prototype forms which were well recieved by the College director Kevin Keller. These forms were to be along the lines of domestic ware and of a suitable standard to be given as Corporate gifts all over the globe, one hundred of them to be completed before the end of 2012! I was thrilled to be accepted. The opportunity to work four days a week with access to the amazing facilities at the Northern Beaches Ceramics Dept, mentoring from the extremely talented staff, (chiefly working with Chris James) was both exciting and challenging.

 I have gained so much in regards to problem solving. One example of this process is the clay I had chosen. I decided that I wanted to work with a dark clay but was was having technical problems with the pyroplasticity of my original clay of choice, a switch to Ironstone clay gave me the glaze response I was after and eliminated the technical problems. I have done many glaze tests in an attempt to add to the limited  palette of colours that I started with and have added four additional colours. It is very satisfying to realise a palette of good glazes as a result of comprehensive testing. 

 I have resolved the design flaws in the original prototype pieces and I’m satisfied with the resulting bowls, plates and bottles. I was after a simple but elegant design and I am quite pleased with the results, the pieces have an elegance about them without being pretentious. The Keane Ironstone has a lovely warmth about it when fired in reduction which is pleasing to see on the exposed areas of clay. The tonal relationship between the clay glazes work well and the range of colours bring to mind the Australian bush, a touch of rusticity about them.

 I am happy with the standard of work that I have achieved. I decided to enter two of the bowls from the collection into the Port Hacking Ceramics Competition and I’m the happy recipient of a Certificate of Merit from Greg Daley.

 This has been a rewarding year for me. I have refined my skills this year and I am looking forward to next year with anticipation and optimism. The teaching and technical staff here at Brookvale are outstanding as are the facilities. The staff and many students here make up an amazing Ceramic Community and create an incredible sense of energy.    

Margaret Armstrong-bottle group

Louisa Hart Ikebana Vase

Louisa Hart Ikebana Vase

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