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Courses Intermediate- 158-25993V01 Ceramic Foundation- Intermediate skills and techniques

Northern Beaches Ceramics currently offers two course pathways for those who plan to build upon existing ceramic experience.

  1. 158-25993V01 Ceramic Foundation-Intermediate skills and Techniques
  2. CUV50211 Diploma in Ceramics-VSL Fee Help is available  for the Diploma as an option to finance study.
  • 25993 Ceramic Foundation-Intermediate skills and Techniques

Build upon the foundations of ceramic studio art including wheel forming, ceramic sculpture, mould making, ceramic technologies, kiln firing, colour and design plus ceramic history in a professional studio environment. Teachers will demonstrate a wide range of specific techniques and skills to assist and further develop your creative potential. Greater focus is given to the technical aspects of ceramics such as glaze technology. The Intermediate foundation is a prescriptive course that builds upon the learners existing skill base with a different focus discipline each term.

We cover the following Focus disciplines over the course of a four term year. The order of delivery may change depending on the day of the week.

Term 1 – Semester 1-Hand forming focus- Low fire techniques, Naked raku, Saggar firing. Monday  Teachers Walter Auer or Chris James. Wednesday Night and Friday class Teacher Sam Perks

Georgi Armen -Naked Raku

Georgi Armen -Handbuilt Naked Raku

Term 2-Semester 1- Wheelforming focus- Cups and handle making techniques, Narrow necked forms. Day Teacher Chris James. Night class and Friday Teacher Peter Dwyer

Trisha Dwyer-Saggar fired teapot

Tricia Dwyer- Wheel thrown Saggar fired teapot

Term 1 Semester 2- Slab forming techniques

Jenny Blackwell- Slab construction

Jenny Blackwell- Slab construction

Term 2 Semester 2- Slip casting and Mould making focus. Multiple part moulds, slip casting. Day Class Teacher Chris James.

Tricia Dwyer-Slip cast vases

Slip cast Vases-Coloured slips -Tricia Dwyer

Day class-Ceramics Foundation intermediate is delivered over 4 x 8 week blocks to build 1 x 32 week year of ceramic study. Ceramics Foundation Intermediate courses currently run during the day on Monday or Friday from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm . Students can enter the section and set up from 8.30 am and finish at 4.00 pm. A second self directed practice day is available Tuesday.

Monday- Term 2 of Semester 1- 2019 “Wheel Forming Focus” Commences Monday 29th April

Enrol in the intermediate Monday Here. ENROL Now

Teacher- Chris James

Cost day class $670 per 8 week term. Tuition day Monday- Studio day Tuesday

Friday– Term 2 of Semester 1- 2019 “Wheel Forming Focus” Commences Friday 3rd May- Studio day Wednesday

Enrol in the intermediate Fridays Enrol HERE

Teacher- Peter Dwyer

Cost day class $670 per 8 week term. Tuition day Friday- Best Studio day Wednesday or Thursday.

Night class-Ceramics Foundation intermediate is delivered over 4 x 8 week blocks to build 1 x 32 week year of ceramic study. Ceramics Foundation courses currently run during the night from 6.00pm to 10.00 pm on Wednesday nights. A second self directed practice night is available Tuesday night.

Teacher- Peter Dwyer

Term 2 of Semester 1- 2019 “Wheel forming Focus” Commences on Wednesday night the 1st May Enrol Here

Cost Night class $495 per 8 week term

  • Prior ceramic experience is necessary for this course.
  • We have structured projects for classes however there are no written assignments or assessments.
  • Learners enrol term by term at any stage of the year.

Upon completion of the 25993 Intermediate skills and techniques learners can articulate into the part time  Diploma over 2 years 2 days per week. Another study option is the 29339 Open Studio Advanced.

Please contact Chris James for further information via the contact form below.

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