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Courses -Studio access- Open Studio Advanced 800-000178 Day

Northern Beaches Ceramics is currently closed for Classes. We will Re- Open in term 3 commencing 20 July 2020


  • The 29339 Open Studio suits a broad variety of abilities. Many who enrol have a depth of previous experience in the ceramic field. Some are experienced in other facets of the arts and seek to focus solely on clay. Regardless of individual experience or ability each practitioner seeks out this course to focus on a body of individual work with the guidance of an experienced mentor. Participants have full access to the facility including our range of standard glazes. Participants can place their work in the kiln room for firing for our standard firing cycles of cone 06, 03, 6, 10 ox and 10r . Open studio students also have the option to book kilns and mix glazes of their own formulation once an acceptable level of competency is achieved.
  • The open studio is non prescriptive- Students set their own direction with a brief written proposal at the start of each year or term.
  • If you are an experienced maker searching for studio access with the full range of resources at your fingertips and creative freedom then the Open studio may be the perfect option.
Pamela Pudan 2013

Pamela Pudan 2013

When- Day 

Course code Open Studio Advanced- 2 days access-800-000179

  • One semester for 18 weeks
  • Two days per week-
  • One day tuition (Thursdays) + One day studio access (Fridays)
  • 9.00am to 4.00pm
  • Cost per 18 week semester for 2 day option $1495
  • Term 3 commences Thursday 23 July 2020- Enrolment link for Open studio  Advanced 2 days per week for 18 weeks HERE

Course code Open Studio – 1 day access-800-000178

  • We also have a one day per week Open Studio option for 8 weeks $510-Enrol for Open Studio 1 Day per week for 8 weeks  Term 3 commences Thursday 23 July 2020- Enrolment link for Open studio HERE
Susie Shatwell 2013

Susie Shatwell 2013

Judy Lane 2013

Judy Lane 2013

Clay and Firing

  • Clay is purchased within the Dept by the bag at $20 per unit
  • We only fire work created within the dept from clay available within the dept. Work created at home or elsewhere will not be fired.

Open studio Ethos

  • The open studio is designed to facilitate research and development of an individual body of work. The course is not to be used as a firing service to run a commercial business or stock commercial outlets.
  • For more information about this course please contact Chris James via the contact form below
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