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How to enrol- Fee payments

We currently enrol twice per year for the majority of our courses. We enrol once at the beginning of each year in Late January and again in the middle of the year in June/July . Short courses may start at any time of the year and enrolments are specific to each course.  Enrolments and Payments can be made by clicking on the links on each course information page. Another method is to click on the NSI banner to the right and then search for the appropriate course number.

The Ceramic Foundation 29515 and 25993 both enrol quarterly for 4 x 8 week blocks.

We like to discuss potential students individual needs so we can place you where you will have the most relevant and rewarding learning experience. It is always best to contact us directly to receive the most up to date information regarding course offerings and availability. Please direct your enquiries via the comments facility below.

  1. Elisa Bartels permalink

    Hi Chris and happy 2013
    Open Studio night course – yipee! How do I enrol?

    • Hi Elisa

      To enrol you could come in on one of the enrolment days from 1pm till 7pm 23rd and 24th of January. Another option is to download the registration pdf on the open studio 28872 page of this blog. Fill that in and take it to the office in “A” block at Northern Beaches. From Friday the 18th nearly all our courses will be visible online through the nsi website link on the blog and enrolments for many courses can be done online. I hope this helps.


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