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Teaching, Support Staff and student volunteers

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Northern Beaches Ceramics has one full time and Four part time teaching staff. We also have one full time technical assistant. Teaching programs vary each year with staff programmed onto classes where their individual areas of expertise can be most effectively utilized by students.

Full time teaching staff

  • Chris James- Current program 29553 Foundation intermediate Monday day and  CUV50211 Diploma Monday and Wednesday, 29339 Open Studio Thursday
  • Chris became hooked on clay at high school in the 80s. ‘It was all that I ever wanted to do, making objects from clay or any material just seemed so natural’. After building a small gas kiln and wood fired Raku kiln in his parents back yard he pretty quickly realized that he could spend 20 years reinventing the wheel or accelerate the learning by attending a course at East Sydney TAFE. ‘Those 2 years of full time study laid the foundation for a career in the ceramics industry for me. I became really interested in the technical side of ceramics. How do glazes and clays work. What’s in them and how can I adjust those components to achieve a more personal aesthetic’. This passion for the technical side extended to the development of more efficient production techniques utilizing moulds and machinery within his own business in the 90s. This production focus has generated additional work consulting for factories in Vietnam, Bali and production potters in Australia.

Technical assistants

  • Warren Hogden-  Current program Monday Tuesday
  • Warren studied ceramics full time at East Sydney TAFE.  Employed part time at NBC since 2019 Warren brings a wealth of experience coordinating ordering, kiln and general mechanical systems maintenance, kiln packing and support of students.
  • Sarah Humphrey- Current program Wednesday to Friday.
  • Sarah trained as a glass artist at SCA, Canberra ANU and has supported students and staff  in TA roles within multiple institutions both within Australia and internationally. Employed part time at NBC since 2019 Sarah brings a wealth of experience coordinating orders, implementing systems and student support.

Part time  staff

  • Walter Auer-  Current program  Ceramic Foundation Intermediate 25993 Monday- Walterauer
  • Nina Matthewson-Current program  Tuesdays, Fridays 29515 Ceramics Foundation NinaMatthewson
  • Samantha Perks-Part time lecturer
  • Peter Dwyer- Part time lecturer 29515 basic skills and techniques. 25993 intermediate skills and techniques.
  • Cameron Williams- Thowing workshops. Autumn school April 2015,16,17,18 Jan 2019
  • Rod Bamford- Part time lecturer
  • Paul Davis – Part time lecturer Glaze technology
  • Janine Brody- Part time lecturer
  • Barry Blight- Part time lecturer
  • Simone Fraser- Summer schools and part time lecturer- Simone

Student mentors

We are extremely grateful to have experienced students volunteering their time to support teaching staff and the dept. Their roles are varied however they may involve supporting teachers with educational delivery, Introducing new students to the Ceramics section and campus, Managing facebook pages, fundraising, cabinet display, mentoring, general clean up and recycling, Exhibition set up and pull down plus weekend workshop support.  Each share a generous spirit, unquenchable passion for ceramics and the support and development of the ceramic community at NBC.

Special thanks to Deb Beggs, Jennifer Everett, Kara Pryor, Linda Tait, Ros, Lisa Silva, Mark Daniels and Ray Stevenson for generously offering your time.

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